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First Amendment

All U.S. citizens have the constitutional right and protection to practice religion as we are led by our own convictions.

Second Amendment

Like the other nine amendments in the Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment was established to protect U.S. citizens from government overreach. Our right to “bear arms” is not a privilege granted from our government, but a right that is protected.


From the beginning, our nation has been built by immigrants seeking better lives. Legal immigration to the United States continues to be a beacon of light in a darkening world. America gives people back their dreams. The United States welcomes those escaping oppressive governments, religions, cultures and climates, and we are prouder and stronger for it. Our federal government recognizes the importance of steady immigration and, over centuries, has adopted laws to protect American immigrants and American citizens. We must follow and enforce these laws to ensure the safety and integrity of the United States.


The United States can increase productivity by cutting enormous waste. A well-established, executed budget is the lifeline of any organization. Congress must do what American businesses and families do every day. Members of Congress must work together to solve an old math problem: revenue vs. expenses. When expenses exceed revenue, seek alternative funding streams, explore new ways to create revenue or make cuts.

Health Care

The greatest embarrassment to our country today is the health care we provide to our national heroes, U.S. veterans. The U.S. government has failed to provide quality health care for these men and women who pledged their lives for our freedom. Is it any wonder that our current Affordable Care Act has failed on so many levels? Much of the current Act needs to be replaced. It is not affordable. It is not quality. And it does not represent what Americans can produce.